Hua Xia is a homebrew Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition world set in a fantasy-based scene of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms war in China. Though everything seems to be familiar in the story (Three kingdoms fight for favor of the Emperor to control all of Hua Xia), there are many more elements added to the world itself to cause the usual lore of China's war to deviate from the typical story.

Multiple issues stir in Hua Xia, keeping the atmosphere tense for all those who seek control over the country.

- Hua Xian Aasamir are attempting to dethrone the emperor of Hua Xia for power. 

- Rebels are constantly attacking the three kingdoms, becoming stronger and stronger as they collect more and more allies.

- The kingdoms themselves, Wei, Wu, and Shu, are divided in a constant warm-war, half of the warriors fighting on battlegrounds, the other half delving in spy work, deceit, backstabbing, and secrecy.

- Outside countries are affecting the outcome of Hua Xia's battles both on the surface and in secret.

Who will come out on top of this land filled with war and secrets, friendships and rivalries, relationships and betrayals? Only time will tell..

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